Learn more about Support Black Theatre’s purpose and vision.

Who We Are

Support Black Theatre is a service organization dedicated to capacity-building Black theatres, developing Black artists, and cultivating Black audiences in Los Angeles. Our commitment is to our people, our stories, and our autonomy. We are creating a support system which prioritizes artist health, organizational resilience, and radical unity amongst theatre makers and the community we serve.

Support Black Theatre functions as the pointer, but itself, is not the point. Therefore, we are not a typical producing entity or theatrical company. We put the utmost focus on building and fortifying the artists and artistic spaces that exist within our community who centralize the full range and expression of Black culture and Black experiences. Because we are a coalition with members from various Black theatre entities, we function as a flock, not a hierarchy.

Our strength is in our collective power, shared resources, interlocking stabilization, and effective mobilization.

What We Do

Too often, systemic barriers have kept Black creatives from having access to information, development, funding, and resources. Support Black Theatre will consistently provide opportunities to equip, inform, and fortify Black artists and Black artistic spaces in various ways, including but not limited to: informational workshops, specialized trainings, speaker series, playwrights labs, development workshops, paid internships with local Black companies, grant and scholarship support, marketing and production promotion, and financial assistance.

All of Support Black Theatre’s programming and activities are geared toward obtaining autonomy and long-term sustainability for the Black arts sector, while creating and maintaining an active and on-going relationship with the community in the planning, participation and evaluation of offered services and events.

As the infrastructure and workforce of our Black institutions are strengthened and increased, they serve as beacons of health and resiliency for the Black community. Spaces where our people are welcomed, reflected, affirmed, nurtured, valued, and employed.

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Sbt About Us
Audience members in attendance at SBT’s inaugural New Works Pipeline event. Photo by Kenisha Gill.
Crowns At Ebony Rep
Angela Wildflower Polk and Paula Kelly in Regina Taylor’s Crowns at Ebony Repertory Theatre. Photo by Craig Schwartz.
King Hedley Ii Supportblacktheatre About Bottom
Cast of August Wilson’s King Hedley ll, along with director Michele Shay and Constanza Romero.

Our Commitment to Artists

Although our utmost focus is the health and thrivability of Los Angeles’ Black theatres, Support Black Theatre is committed to supporting Black artists and Black work presented at all local theatres. Our support for Black productions does not automatically equate to an endorsement for the institutions producing the work, but does equate to our deep dedication to all Black creatives. We encourage our community to utilize the websites of local accountability organizations such as BLKLST, LA ARTS, and the SoCal Theatre Living Document to find the most current information on the history and EDI practices of area theatres.