Talk Forward

David Mack in conversation with community members. Photo by Sheldon Botler.

What is it?

We flip the model of the traditional talkback with our Talk Forward, which engages the community right from the start, inviting them to participate more fully in the process of theatre making. Where our New Works Pipeline is about the development of Black artists and Black theatres, our Talk Forward is about cultivating and nurturing Black audiences.

What Are The Goals?

This program will help to deliver both quantitative success for Black productions, and qualitative impact for Black audiences. Specific outcomes include:

  • Transformative experiences for Black audiences around the deeper exploration of culturally-specific plays/topics
  • Greater communal interest and investment in Black productions
  • Prioritization of community insight before and during rehearsals of productions, not just after execution
  • Community contribution informing the creative process for the artistic team, making theatres more effective in their missions
  • Greater visibility and support for local Black businesses as we promote Talk Forward crossover events throughout L.A.
  • Expansion of each Black theatre’s audience base
  • Building of relationships among participants and the nurturing of a Black ecosystem in L.A.
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