SBT Student Outreach Event – Dahlak Brathwaite’s Try/Step/Trip

We had an amazing time sponsoring students from CalArts and USC to attend Dahlak Brathwaite’s Try/Step/Trip at the Wallis Annenberg. We so look forward to more events with young local creatives. And this show was fantastic! Bravo to the talented cast and crew!

Try/Step/Trip is a spoken-word, multi-character musical performed through the language of step dance. The story follows the journey of an anonymous narrator as he reimagines his experience in a court-ordered drug rehabilitation program. Inspired by Brathwaite’s own history, Try/Step/Trip layers characters, poetic verse, and dialogue over music to create a theatrical piece that blurs the lines between hip-hop and dramatic performance. Try/Step/Trip emerges from the belief that the subjugation of Black people is an American ritual; that the criminal justice system now functions as a normalized rite of passage for too many young Black males.

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